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Do you feel like singing?

Do you want to 'sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think'?

If the answer is yes come along to Singing for Delight, a combination of Alexander Technique and natural singing.

As you learn and sing simple songs, Jeannie and Christine will work with you towards allowing a freer sound.  

Christine  has a wealth of short songs and rounds to teach you, as well a rich knowledge of song from many traditions including those of  Scotland.


Singing for Delight is a supportive workshop for everyone who likes to sing, with the hills and rivers of rural Angus as a stunning backdrop - delightful!


Come and experience singing songs from many cultures while enjoying a hands-on session from an experienced Alexander teacher.

Whether you already have some knowledge of Alexander Technique, or singing, there is plenty new for you to discover through the interesting synergy of these two practices, brought together in a delightful workshop.

“If someone had told me I was going to take part in a singing workshop I would not have believed them!”

"I very much like the diversity of what I’ve had, and for me it just became more fun as the day went on.”

"I've really enjoyed the bodywork and movement, and getting into singing in a different way"

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